The palate and The Mind


Lead Staff

Kevin Ni

Chef Ben
Sushi Chef

Sue Cheng & Christina Ni
General Manager

Chockie Sidhi
Bar Manager


Welcome to The Odyssey

Immigrated from China, Kevin and his family came to the land of opportunities in the 1990’s with their heads and hearts full of the “American Dream”. Two years later, Kevin’s father opened up his first family restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, New York. While working with his father, Kevin experienced the gratification from their customers which gave him the passion to open up his own restaurant.

The Odyssey is Kevin’s greatest vision that has taken form on a grander scale. His aesthetics captures a contemporary, modern design to provide a unique dining experience for his customers that he hope will excite and delight both the palate and the mind. We are a place of versatility. The Odyssey is a space for family, business conferences, a social gathering for celebration, an evening with your significant other, and so much more.